Monday, February 13, 2012

Day Three: A letter of sorts.

An Ode to Chocolate Cake on the Eve of Valentine's Day.

Dear Chocolate Cake,

You're about to be baked. Steve is adding layer
upon layer
upon layer
upon layer
of chocolate and fudge and
(You are more layered than I am)
I just want to eat you now.
Why must you belong to someone else?

(Bake sales, I shake my fists at you  in the air ; 

both fists, for at least fifteen seconds
and my face, it is not without a scowl)

Chocolate cake,
oh chocolate cake
You are just batter right now
oozing into a pan
sticking to the wooden spoon
dripping on the counter
Hey batter
Hey batter

But soon you will become
a cake so warm 
and gooey
even the potholder
will want a chance at you.

Our potholder
so pitiful
with the small yet deathtrappy divet in its threads
has no chance at you

But that is no cause for a sigh of relief

For you belong to the Bake Sale

And you always will

And I sigh, because I know

You're just my taste.
You're just my type.

But I'll be fine
I think

Dear Chocolate Cake....
Have a nice (shelf) life.


  1. Yum! It makes me want to bake one right now instead of making the tuna macaroni salad I'm making for lunch. Nothing too exotic or exciting about that, sorry to say, but that's just me! lol

  2. Glad you liked it! After I wrote that, we gave the cake to the bake sale - and then I won it back in a raffle! It was a surprisingly fantastic turn of events....

  3. I would say ( and my Buddhist daughter would concur) that was simply just good karma. So glad you got your "just desserts"!