Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day Two: 

A ballad of my faults, in no particular order : 

5-I'm way too impatient, all the time. Anything that takes more than three seconds to do is a challenge for me.  

4-I have no qualms with taking the last cookie, cheese with a cracker on a tray, sandwich wrap, or brownie bite. If I like something, I just don't think about it. If it's unclaimed, I snap it up. Almost exactly like a hunting alligator in a swamp. Only my teeth aren't that sharp.

3-I am HORRIBLE at pairing up socks. I don't ever know where that stupid other sock goes, and I often think I'm pairing a sock in the right way and then later I notice something like one of the socks has a gray spot on the heel and the other does not, and it gets really annoying. For a long time I totally gave up and would only wear Steve's socks, which was NOT a solution because they were way too big and just did not look right. Socks are my enemy.

2-I eat way too much cookie dough. I really do. If there were a hidden camera on me while I was baking, it would be unanimously agreed upon by every single person watching that I probably shouldn't do that.

1-I hate talking on the phone to my friends and family. I know it is horrible. I LOVE my friends and family but it makes me so nervous I have to walk around my entire house while I talk. Texting is fine, and talking to strangers is great. But if you're a friend or a family member, just know I'll totally talk to you on the phone, but I'm hating every second of it and would much rather be communicating via letter on parchment paper or talking over the computer or texting or even etching something into a stone and sending it through UPS than talking to you on the phone. And this is because I am extremely weird and quirky.

0-The idea of giving blood makes me want to puke. Even when my eyes are closed and I'm getting blood drawn, it is everything in my power not to puke all over the person doing it. 




Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry, folks........


  1. Just looking at your "About Me" profile thingy. Just a suggestion, you forgot to add the baby! I'm pretty sure you would want to include
    Corrinne in the family unit. Just sayin' ( Unless I missed it)love from one of your fans.

  2. Thanks, Gail!! I hadn't noticed that. I just added her, if you want to check it out :) I enjoy all your comments! Thanks for the input.

  3. I just couldn't resist pointing that out,since I know you and Steve totally adore your baby Corinne, and rightfully so ( sorry for the misspelling of her name above). So I thought the irony of the omission of adding her to your profile after her birth was overwhelmingly off the charts! Don't you agree? Happy Valentine's Day to all the Galbos in their little love nest over there! <3