Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 15
An anecdote….a very, very recent anecdote.


I have a beef with Reeds Jewelers.

Actually, with their Pandora Charm Bracelet line, specifically.

Here’s what happened.

(If I were you I would be curious at this point, because I don’t usually have beefs with others. I try not to, at all costs. I’m very non-confrontational and often make excuses for others when I know I shouldn’t. But with them I have a beef. A really ugly one).

I really wanted a charm bracelet for my birthday.

I went to Reeds to see what Pandora had to offer.

I asked, “If I were to get this bracelet, would charms from other companies fit on this starter bracelet? Like, say, if I were on vacation somewhere and really liked a charm….”

The woman told me that they would fit, but as soon as I put them on my warranty would be nullified, so she wouldn’t recommend it.

This is right after she told me that these charm bracelets are perfect for holding my memories.

Wouldn’t my vacation be a memory?

But that didn’t even REALLY bother me. I mean, I would have still gone forward, I was already coming up with excuses in my mind for this at that point, like, “Oh, well, I’m sure I’ll find pretty Pandora beads” and “Oh, well, I’ll save money then on that vacation by not buying a charm.”
 (Which does not even make sense, because I would want a charm to commemorate that moment in my vacation!)
 Ahh I would make an excuse for a rock if I ran it over with my bicycle and got a concussion. But that excuse would just not make any sense at all because I would be concussed and even more non-sensical than I already tend to be. 
I digress.

The thing that REALLY irked me.

I was so mad my cheeks got red.

My cheeks are getting red now. Because I’m mad just thinking about it. See what memories Pandora is giving me? They’ve really opened up Pandora’s box! Ahahahahaha
OK. So. I asked, “I am curious. Do any of your beads represent any charities, so the profits would go to charity?”

AND SHE SAID, “Well, we do have one for the Susan G. Komen foundation, for Breast Cancer Research. But, I wouldn’t recommend it. We at Pandora recommend only beads that are important for your memories. Some of the profit would go to the foundation in the month of October.”

My blood boiled over so much, I wanted to shake her!

Never shake a saleswoman.


Here is why my blood boiled:
                                       - What if I knew of someone who had breast cancer?

    -What if I had breast cancer?

    - This is their ONLY charm for charity?

-They ONLY give some money to the foundation IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER? Get it together Reeds.  Seriously.

-   Oaijroeijafljaljfdkajflajsfldjalfj.

-     Lady, stop being such a drone. And the company you work for is the worst. And I try not to think badly of people! But I can’t help but think badly of corporations.

-                 -They’ve lost my business, even though those beads are pretty, I will      admit,they belong to a company that doesn’t want to spend it’s energy toward charity whatsoever…that is ridiculous to me. But that’s just me. And maybe you too. Well I think maybe you, too. That’s why I wanted to commiserate with you. On my blog. 

So what I did was:

“Thanks for the information. I have to go now.”

And I went to Kay’s Jewelers.
And I got a very affordable starter charm bracelet.
And the first bead I bought was a charm that benefits St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
Because I will do business with a company that takes the time to help out…..even if it’s just a little bit.
And that’s a memory I’m happy to keep.


  1. I'm sorry for all your unhappiness with what should have been a pleasant time for you. But, even though I hesitate to say this, perhaps I can share some happy news that occurred to me while reading your blog. You stated " what if I knew someone who had breast cancer?' Well, I can happily proclaim that I did, and I will officially be cancer -free for 9 yrs. next month.
    I want to tell you a story that I will never forget. I was diagnosed when Tim and Steve were freshman at Fredonia. Ross & I went to see Tim perform in a jazz performance in Fredonia 3 days after my surgery.It was hard for me, because I was in a lot of pain. It was so uplifting to watch him play, and it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life.
    I remember seeing Steve after the concert, and he, in his friendly Steve way, asked me how I was doing. Since Tim didn't tell any of his friends about me, he didn't have a clue what I had just been through. I just responded "fine", with a smile. It's so strange what sticks in your mind, isn't it? But I'll never remember that encounter with your husband, probably because it gave me such a sense of normalcy at a time when my world was turned upsidedown.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, Gail. Congratulations on being cancer-free for 9 years!! That is amazing! I'm glad that Steve was able to provide some normalcy in such a difficult time. Steve will be happy to know that he was able to do that. Also, I wanted to say thank you so much for being an avid reader of my blog and commenting. It is really great to hear from you.