Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 14:

Stupid Newton's Law.

Or Newman's Law.

Or Murphy's Law - that's the one.

Today is my Birthday!

I lost my phone.

Can't find it anywhere.

So the one day I might get some messages

I can't get them.

Murphy is my nemesis.

This is just like Murphy to have this law

and get me every time with it.

Like on our honeymoon

when we booked a room

but it didn't stick

in the system

and we ended up 

in an 

econo lodge.



at least

(at the very least)

I ate birthday cake three times today

and they decorated my desk

at the office

and I got a card from Steve

that said

he owes me

charm bracelet

and I

got to kiss my baby

and hold her

and play

and so


can just

eat my stinkin' shorts.

1 comment:

  1. OK, Katie, I think there's a connection here, and maybe you can help me find it. You think the laundry is attempting to eat you, And Tim sent his phone for a spin in his washing machine, and you lost your phone ( so sorry that happened, especially on your birthday. That really stinks, no pun intended re: your piles of dirty laundry). Hmmmm...maybe there's another day in your blog in there somewhere. Hope you find your phone!