Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 28

My week as a poem.

Night crashed into Morningtime;

the moon fell from out of our sight

and we packed up and trudged off 

to earn our stay in our little house

that sits near the trees and the water.

Tuesday was a Super day

to some in this big country.

Wednesday, we feasted upon

chocolate chip cookies



bagels bombarded with cheese.

Thursday the skies opened up

and the sun spouted out

a solar storm rained down on the world at large.

Friday the clock

refused to tick 

and when it did

it would stick

and stick

and stick


now it is dark again outside

and the moon has found his spot up in the sky

and the wind it whistles a little 

warning of the fairly sudden nature

of Sunday nights

and their tendencies to crash head-first

into glaring light of day.

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