Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 48

3 T.V. Shows I loved that did not last. Why?

1. Freaks and Geeks. James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, oh my. That show was well written, funny, and smart. It was just....good. It only lasted one season. ONE season. I really do not understand why......

2. Pushing Daisies. I also called it "The Pie-man". I LOVED that show. I could cry thinking about how it is gone and how it didn't last long and how fabulous it was. Only two seasons, that is all it lasted. Are you kidding me? It was about a guy who could bring people back to life, under some pretty specific conditions. And it was a mystery show. And it was quirky and cute and addictive.....and it involved pie. I LOVE pie. Who does not love pie? Seriously ask around, you will find not a person who does not love pie. Anyway....back to what I was saying. All of a sudden it was just.... BAM! Cancelled. Just like that. 

3. Party Down. Also only two seasons. That show was hilarious. It was about out of work actors who tried to make a living in the catering business while auditioning for gigs on the side. It had that guy from Parks and Rec in it - Adam Scott. It even had an episode centered around Steve Guttenberg - who doesn't love that? 

Bonus Mention: Arrested Development. It is only a Bonus Mention and not in the top 3 because it lasted 4 Seasons, which is slightly longer than one or two. Still should have lasted longer than that...but they ARE making a movie and putting out a few more cannot complain about that! Love that show...

So these are my t.v. grievances. I don't even watch t.v. anymore. I just stopped. But if I do ever want to watch t.v. again, I'd rather just watch an episode of one of these shows. Or maybe Parks and Rec. I didn't give that one a chance in the first season. Then when I did, I was so happy. Ron is the greatest. He shares my love of breakfast food. Oh Ron. 

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