Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 41

5 things I am slightly curious about.

1. I wonder: if when there are archaeologists eons from now studying our civilization, they will look at rides in Disney World and deem they were devices used for religious purposes. 

2. I wonder:  if I played an instrument (the violin, perhaps) how different my life would be.

3. I wonder: if I won the lottery, would I really run straight to the airport and buy an around-the-world ticket for my family and me....or....would I just go straight to Wegmans and stock pile on delicious treats and have a party at my house first and THEN get the around-the-world-Ticket.....or......would I just quit my job and nap and hang out with my family for about a month and a half and THEN get the ticket. What would I do? I'd probably do the nap and hang out and then go. Just to catch up on some sleep. I wonder if that's weird.

4. I wonder: will I ever be that girl who can go for a ten mile run? Why do I want to be that girl? Am I that in need of being exhausted? I do not understand. 

5. I wonder: it seems like there is a lottery of where and when you are born. Would I be the same person if I were born in Turkey under the rising sun? Maybe. Why am I spending so much time wondering about this stuff? I should just go to bed. 

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