Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 50. 

I totally just smashed this challenge into two. I karate-chopped my challenge.

 I am awesome.

I feel like one of those ladies in the losing weight commercials with the before and after pics....only before I was someone who said she likes to write but never wrote anything, to someone who writes every day! I went from a dreamer to a doer. I am inspiring myself to actually do more with my life! Ahhh! 

So basically I have a list of 3 things I want to do now that I know I can do something I've dreamed about for at least 50 consecutive days. (And looking forward to 50 more by the way! Bam!)

1. I want to make time to work out every day, in some way shape or form - if I could carve out time to write every day....I can carve out time to do some crunches or lift some hand weights or go up and down the stairs a few more times than normal. I might even do leg lifts while writing my blog. I'm lifting my legs right now. Ahh! Sky's the limit, people. Can't be a good influence to Corinne by sitting around on my butt every time I get the chance. I want her to know that it is possible to do fun things in life without having your bottom glued to a chair!

2. I want to do more home improvements! I want to make my house look even cuter than it already does. I think now that I know that getting goals accomplished takes some time...I can really be okay with working on different home improvement projects a little bit at a time, and then after a few months enjoying the benefits of all those days of little bits of hard work! 

3. I am now even more motivated to keep working on my novel. I'm in the habit of writing...and at the very least I'm making a really cool story for Corinne to read someday....and at the most I'll be a really famous writer and able to show Corinne the whole world as I travel for book signings. Ahh. 

So basically I've learned that I can dream things AND do them. That is way better than just dreaming them. I've also learned (and this is important for an impatient lady like me)  : it is good to get things done little by little rather than all at once. There are benefits to working hard for a long time at just one thing. SO, little by little I will continue my quest for 100 days of blogging, and in the meantime, little by little, I will fit in exercise by doing some baby lifts or random squats in the kitchen or whatever strikes me whenever I want, and I'll keep adding to my novel little by little, and I'll add some little improvements to my house (little by little) and...basically that's that. I'm just going to keep on keepin' on. Because I'm not so bad at that, after all. 


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