Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 30

Top 3 Reasons why I recommend having a baby:

3. She is the most amazing thing to ever happen to us. Yes, your entire world turns upside down and shaken sideways like someone mixing up a martini for Bond. BUT - I bet those martinis are delicious. And life with our baby is the best I've ever known.

2. She makes us want to be better people. I recycle more. I eat right. I am motivated to work out. I want to take her everywhere, see the world. I want my house to be as clean as can be, just so it can be nice for her. Everything I want, I want for her. And that is the best feeling, I really don't know how else to explain it.

1. I can really come up with a million reasons why she is the greatest thing to ever happen to my life, but, if we're only going by this top three list, I want to include this: her very existence has shown me miracles exist, and are everywhere. Everywhere everywhere everywhere. She makes me feel like I've won the lottery every day. Even if Steve and I are so tired, and haven't showered in three days, and our laundry touches the skies of the heavens, and we've been working around the clock, or whatever. And that stuff doesn't even happen all the time. There are a million amazing things that happen. If you are thinking about having a baby, and you have a job, and you have a pretty good relationship with your significant other, and you LIKE kids, and you like doing things for others, I really just want to recommend this whole experience to you. I just do. And that's how I feel. 

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