Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 37

3 things I think a lot of people would really like

1. If those shows from the early '90s (like GUTS, Nick Arcade, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Double-Dare, were re-launched with contestants who would have watched those shows in the early '90s, so....people who are now in their '20's '30's, and beyond... and instead of getting prizes like Nerf guns (yet that would be enjoyable and fun). they could give away prizes like you'd find on The Price is Right, like, say, a trip to Spain. Yes I would watch that. And yes, I would want to partake in that. I started talking about this the other day....and the more I think about it, the more I think it is a pretty solid idea.

2. I think people would like to know about Bronies. I have my opinion about it, but it's not like I have a platform where I know many, many people are listening to what my opinion of this thing might actually be. Right? Anyway...."Bronies" actually exist.  I heard about it on NPR. Here is a link for more information..... 
I'm not going to actually go into my opinion too much, but I will say this: I believe their lives would be enhanced in a very large manner if they had jobs. Even working at a fast food restaurant. Anything. 

3. I also think a lot of people would really like going out to breakfast at least once a week. Pancakes are so nice (if you ask me). I think my quality of life would greatly be enhanced by such a movement. One breakfast outing a week....a project dedicated to life happiness. Perhaps I will try that sometime..............

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