Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 51

Sunday FUNday

3 things we the Galbo Family plan on doing on this day. It is a special day because we had NO plans for it! SO, here's our plan as of a morning strategical meeting of the minds - (and after Corinne has gone down for her morning nap) - 

1. We're going to eat Eggie Sammiches. Breakfast is my favorite kind of fast.

2. Church! Haven't been in a few weeks. It is time. I have a lot of people on my mind, people. I need some higher love for them. And it wouldn't hurt for us too. Oh Steve Winwood, I love how you weave your way into my blog. 

3. We're going shopping! Steve got a bonus at work and I told him "We shall feast!" Then when he asked me to be more specific I told him we could throw a roller skating party with that money. Then he said that it should probably go in the bank. THEN I said we should probably put some of it in the bank, and spend a little teeny tiny bit of it on two or three things we've been needing but putting off because we have not had any bonuses or lottery wins or anything like that (did I mention I won 2 dollars on a lottery ticket from my Birthday? Everything just comes up roses sometimes). Anyway, then he agreed. So we're going shopping today! 

Now it is time for me to go and strategically organize the diaper bag with everything we'll need. I always forget one thing. I am hoping to change that today. Example: I have forgotten burpclothes when there was a spit-up emergency. I have forgotten books or toys during a long car ride. I have forgotten diapers. My God I have forgotten diapers. I don't even want to get into it. I'm feeling confident today that the bag will be fully packed for our excursion out into the world of Buffalo, NY. 

Here we go! And....break! 

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