Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 52

Last night we were awakened from our sleep once every two hours. 

Someone in our family just may have some teeth wanting to exist soon.

That same someone just might have shrieked out in delight as loudly as she possibly could when the priest said, "And now for a moment of silence," at church yesterday.

That same someone was totally and completely amazed by the mall yesterday. I almost don't think she blinked. There was so much to see! There really is so much to see, though, in a mall. My goodness the people watching alone is just delightful.

Anyway, the weekend was a happy one. I got to hang out with my baby and I wanted to do that more than anything else. We also got chores done, and, of course, by Monday morning we were so tired our eyeballs almost popped out of our heads like that scene with that scary Marge lady who drives the truck. 

Anyway, even though I feel that way on Monday, at least on Saturday and Sunday I get to hang out with Corinne. Hanging out with Corinne looks like this:

Well, it's 9 p.m. I think I'm actually going to try and work out a little bit. I'm going to try one of those "At home workouts" people post on Pinterest. 

I've already made a craft from Pinterest. I can shake my booty, too. And I will.

And then I will fall asleep and it will be Tuesday. Or, more realistically, it will be either 1, 3, 4, 5, or 6 in the morning. We shall see..... ;)

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