Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 64

I never knew I would become a bag lady.

I carried 4 bags today. 4. Four.


I really cannot believe myself. I mean, I used to just carry a purse (if I even remembered my purse).

Now - I carry at least four bags at a time.

Am I losing weight, carrying those bags?

You might be thinking, "Why, yes, of course you are losing weight lugging extra weights around all the time."

You would be incorrect if you thought that.

Instead, the only way to be correct on this matter is if you thought to yourself, "She must be staying the same weight all the time or perhaps gaining a pound or two every couple of weeks, carrying all those crazy bags all over the place."

You would be right on the money, you insightful person, you.

Anyway - here is a brief inventory of my bags:
I had my purse (because I remembered it), the diaper bag, my bag of clothes because I stayed at my parents' Rochester for the night, and then I had a bag full of bottles.

Now that I am a bag lady, I know what it is like. It is a tiring path, but I'll take it. I'll take my bags. I lose my bags. I gain bags in other places (under my eyes, for example). My butt resembles saddlebags. Bags, bags, bags.

Ok, hopefully my butt does not resemble saddlebags. I am not even sure what saddlebags are.

Anyway -

I've also realized that bag ladies get tired around 8 p.m.

Right now it's about quarter to ten, and I'm ready for bed.

That is my wild and crazy Saturday night.

I'm at my parents' house.

The baby is asleep.

I'm so close to going to bed...and it is an amazing feeling.

It amazes me to think about how some people stay out until 3 a.m.

How do they do that?

These are the thoughts of bag ladies like me.

Where is the chocolate?

Another thought from a bag lady.

Now, I cannot speak for all bag ladies.

But, I can speak for myself, here.

It's a tough job, being a bag lady.

But I'll do it.

Now I'm going to bed, people.

Have a great Saturday night!

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  1. Note to Katie: I'm pretty sure that your butt does not resemble saddlebags, at least I hope it doesn't. and for Steve's sake, I hope it doesn't. FYI, a saddlebag is just that - bags carried on a horse on either side of the saddle. Now a horse's butt - maybe THAT looks like a saddlebag. What do you think?