Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 65

I cannot believe how sleepy I am after a single weekend of going to Rochester.

You would have thought I ran a marathon.

I need to get in shape if I can keep up with this luxurious lifestyle of mine where I get to see my family and friends once in a while. 

It is time to take action.

I am launching my own "Try and lose some pounds so I can have more energy come on K you have stuck to something for 65 days now you have no excuse stop fooling yourself and get moving and eat less and have enough energy to keep being a good mom after leaving your 40 plus hour work week" plan. 

I will call it my "You win some, you lose some" plan.

I would win some by having more energy to be with my family. And I'd be healthier for them and me. And be a good example for Corinne. 

I would lose my awesome bod of mine. Weight, that is. Not like a million pounds....but...really....I'm still way bigger than I ever have been in my life. It is time to take action here.

Time to stop the talky talky here. Everybody has their own ways of life, and mine needs to incorporate even more healthy eating, less portions and ...somehow...even more movement in my day. Probably more water drinking, too. I've gone a little crazy with the fizzie drinks lately.

So basically...since I'm already writing this here blog every day...I'll check in every Monday for the next 5 weeks to tell you if I've lost some weight....and gained any more energy. Or general amazingness. And if I haven't I'll have to sheepishly report that on Monday, and that would not be very fun for me. So. Let's just see what will happen. I'm already a firm believer in "Where there is a will, there is a way." So I've got the will, people. Let's see what happens.

I'll let you know if anything did happen, next Monday night. 

Tomorrow I'll probably just talk about something else.

Who knows what I'll talk about. Alligators? Robots? 80's hair bands? How many countries I've traveled to out of 100? The Congo? Anthony Bourdain? The man in the moon? Counting sheep? Something totally not even on this list? 

You'll have to stay tuned. 

And...did you see? I'm at Day 65. Yes!

If Amazing were personified, it would be me.

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