Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 57

3 Reasons why I love being a Mom:

1. Anything that Steve and I would have done before becomes a major event. For example: we went grocery shopping today. Preparation time: 25 minutes. Prep time before Corinne's arrival: 1 minute.

Prep convo: 

Katie: "Wanna go to the store?"

Steve: "We have to make a list."

Katie: "We need baby food. And paper towels. And I found this recipe on pinterest I want to try. And actually there is another one I want to try, too. And you wanted to do that one from your Ad Hoc book. And..."

Steve: "OK. We have to make a list."

Katie: "OK. I'll get the baby ready." 


Then after our conference, we divide and conquer. That is one strategy I have been developing since Corinne has been born. We divide up the tasks, get them done, and come together. Another strategy: tag team. A third: Room by room. This is one of my personal favorites. It involves doing everything that needs to get done while I'm in each room of the house. Example: While we're still in the bedroom - clean it up, get changed, gather random laundry pieces strewn about the room, on the closet floor, thrown over our shoulders. Then, throw the items down the laundry shoot while we get to the hallway. Then the next room is the bathroom, I'll brush my teeth, take my shower, whatever, while Steve finishes up the bedroom tasks. Then we switch. And so on and so forth. Room by room is sweet, because, in theory, by the time you're out the door, you haven't forgotten anything. I am ALMOST to that point. I digress.

I think it's really great making big events out of seemingly small tasks like going to the grocery store. The length of time it takes to get something like that done helps me to remember that event, so that my memories become full and juicy. Without little tasks becoming big events, I'd have no big memories. I would only remember things like walking from my couch to the fridge, for example. Which is what I did a lot of pre-Corinne.  B o r i n g.

2. Reason #2 being a Mom is great. We take the baby everywhere.

I love taking Corinne places. Showing her new things is the greatest experience, over and over. I love the way her face looks when she is processing something new. Even staying at home, she is AMAZED by the dog. Our dog Seamus is about 100 times bigger than her, so, really, if I suddenly discovered a giant furry animal in the place I've been living for the past 5 months, I'd be pretty amazed, too.

The dog LOVES her, too. When I read stories to her, for example, he'll snuggle up by us, and listen to the story, too. Sometimes he turns his head and makes noises. I think he especially likes those little critter stories by Mercer Mayer. 

Sidenote - I have no idea what type of critter those little critters are supposed to be, but maybe a porcupine or something. I am not quite sure. Corinne likes the pictures, though!

3. Reason #3 I love being a Mom: 

I love seeing her smile. I love being responsible for making her happy and giving her guidance in this big huge world. I love every moment with her and at the same time am excited for the next one. Being tired will happen no matter what age I am. Being tired because I've spent my day at work and then taking care of my baby is the greatest feeling, because she is the most important person in our whole world. She makes us laugh, cry, and just totally filled with happiness all the time. There is no exaggeration here. Diapers happen. Laundry becomes mountainous. The kitchen is not always clean, but we're trying. That stuff doesn't even matter. What does matter is her. All the time. And she makes me the happiest I have ever ever been. I feel so happy to be a Mom, and so happy for everyone else who is a parent, will be a parent, or wants to be a parent. For me, this is the best experience in the whole world. And every day is now my favorite.

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