Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 55

5 is my favorite number.

In honor of all these 5s, I'm going to high 5 you with 5 things on my mind right this minute.

1. Love it when I see trees damaged by the October Storm a few years back with beautiful spring blossoms coming out of the damaged branches. Beauty and love and life always find a way. 

2. I seriously have been thinking about Andy Capp lately, that comic cartoon from the Sunday comics who always went out and his wife would bap him on the head with some kind of object like a rolling pin. Every time. If he were real and around today, would he stay home because he was playing a video game? Would the wife still bap him? Or would she just be looking at pinterest the whole time? Hmmmm.....

3. I also think about those Cathy cartoons. I feel like her all the time now. I totally get what she meant about:
-dressing rooms
-your inbox at work being way higher than the outbox
-wanting things like chocolate all the time
-wanting to pull your hair out and say things like "Ack!"

4. At work I sit near the fridge. When it revs up, it sounds like that airplane noise from the TV show LOST when they're about to do a flashback. I keep thinking it is my own flashback or that I will see John Locke or something. Maybe I'll see Sawyer someday. Oh, Sawyer. 

5. Just got my hair trimmed. The woman who cut my hair said she has a 5 month old son named Connor, and if she had a girl they were going to name her Corinne. Can you believe that?!

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