Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 69

Yesterday I went to an Esparanza Spalding concert with Steve and our friends Holly and Tim.

Here is one of my favorite songs she sings. I loved the concert. She is so so good.

If you haven't heard of should check it out :)

She is singing about Portland, Oregon, where she is from. I would love to go there.

Yes, and I would love for us to go to Seattle, too, where you are, Matt.

And NYC, where you are Evan and Christine and Andi and Sadou.

And Kentucky, where the Tuschongs are....

And all the places the other Tuschongs are.

And California where my brother is....

And Florida, where Aunt Michele and family are....

And back to West Virginia where my other brother is....

And Michigan where my other brother and his wife and their baby are....

And there are so many more. I should just stop here I'd be writing for 100 more days, just mentioning people I want to visit. 

And ok so basically I know people everywhere in the whole world so Steve, Corinne and I (and Shay, too) we should basically just get an around the world pass and go visit everybody.

And then go to other places, too.

I guess for now I'll just hang out and write to you guys (and to everybody else, too)

in my blog

while I listen to a song

about the City of Roses.

You should, too!

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