Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 61

So.  A few things on my mind today.

Every day this week I have thought it was the next day.

For example. All day today I thought it was Thursday.

It is so not Thursday.

If only I were disoriented the other way around - thinking it were Monday still when it is actually Friday, for example, would be a very nice bonus to my day.

It is not so.

Instead, I'm trapped inside of a Wednesday while I keep thinking it's about to be a Friday.

It seems unjust.

I would want to fast forward into Friday but I saw that movie "Click" with Adam Sandler and it made me cry. 

I mean - I used a lot of kleenex at the end of that movie, when his whole life was fast-forwarded away.

So, I try to embrace these moments. Live in the moment. Be like Buddha.

 Or someone else who likes being trapped inside of a Wednesday.


I was thinking today about personalities. You know how some people are type A and some people are whatever else? 

I think I'm a type B+.

I mean - I really am able to let a lot of things slide.

If I accidentally spill a whole jug of mustard on my outfit, it will not ruin my day. I will just try and clean it and if it can't be salvaged then that will be that. It doesn't get under my skin. It was an accident.

I DO get irked by injustices.   

That reminds me of the Three Amigos, too. Just like last night I was reminded of them. I just thought of "Whenever there is injustice, I'll be there..." 

If you do not know the Three Amigos, I hope I can convince you to watch it with this dusty old trailer from the 1980s I saw on youtube....



I also was thinking about how I'm a type B+  ...(I am sure that is not a real type, but it is totally me)....and I thought...I actually have always been cool with Bs. 

I mean, not BEES. A bunch of them flew up my shirt when I was 8 years old and I freaked out while all the neighborhood kids were in our garage and I threw that shirt right off and streaked into the house. 

You heard me. I streaked. I meant business. I do not like bees. 


I do like how they make honey.

See? B positive.

I also try to be positive.

I also have always been cool with getting Bs in school.

When I was in 2nd grade, our teacher, Mrs. Butler, was explaining how the grading system worked.

I remember thinking, "So...if I get an F that is bad, and then teachers will have to talk to me....I wouldn't like that. If I get a D same thing....if I get a C same thing...if I get a B I'll be doing just good enough I will not have to talk to anyone....and if I get an A they'll tell me I'm doing a great job so I'll have to talk to them. I'll get Bs."

And so I did.

It really worked out.

I was slightly shy.


The only bs I really don't like are the real Bs out there.

The mean ones.

Anyway - the last thing on my mind today (at least while I'm writing right here)

is something that happened to Steve the other day at work.

We have a new IT guy in our department.

He called up Steve, because he had put in a request with IT.

The phone call went like this:

"Hi Steve it's Jesse Jackson. How may I help you today?"

And Steve was like, "Jesse Jackson? Why are you calling me?"

And he said, "I'm Jesse Jackson. I'm the new guy in IT. I'm here to help you with your request."

And then all the confusion was cleared.

But I guess you never know when Jesse Jackson is going to call.

Or when a bunch of bees are going to fly up your shirt.

Or when a Wednesday will finally break apart and sprout into a Thursday.

You just never know.

Might as well be positive, man.

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