Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 70!!!

I have a pedometer. So far today I'm at almost 6,000 steps.

I am trying for 10,000 because Dr. Oz says that is the recommendation for good health.

I also had two slices of breakfast pizza, a sticky bun, orange juice and a coffee today. 

Then I realized I should be watching what I am eating and not just watching it as it goes into my belly.

So I put the stops on that business and I'm going to stick with water for the rest of the night and keep on stepping.

I will go up and down the basement steps a million times if I need to. 

If only Dr. Oz said I need to eat four pieces of pie a day for good health.

I would do that so happily.

Anyway - I will tell you a little anecdote of how I got the breakfast pizza.

It was my day at work to bring in breakfast. 

That is because I am in "The Breakfast Club" at work: I'm the dark haired quirky one......just kidding! Oh I am hilarious. But really, I'm in The Breakfast Club. I swear.

Don't you forget about me, people.

Anyway - back to my anecdote.

Someone from the club provides breakfast for the rest of the club every Friday.

Today was my day.

I ordered the breakfast pizza for three reasons:

a)It is that breakfast pizza from Tops. It is the only thing from Tops I've known to be delicious. If you have not tried it, you will pleasantly find that it is really, really, really glorious.

b)I had no time to bake a fabulous and memorable breakfast. I'm a busy lady.

c)Why wouldn't I order breakfast pizza?

The problem was, I ordered it from the wrong Tops.

Instead of just ordering from a tops on "Niagara Falls Boulevard", it was ordered in Niagara Falls.

I got to the counter this morning, at the one where presumably the delicious breakfast pizza was waiting for me, and the lady at the counter sent me away.

"No Katie Galbo Pizza here."

That was a slightly startling, because Katie Galbo pizza needed to happen.

I am in the Breakfast Club.

SO then I had to launch a private investigation as to what happened. It dawned on both Steve and I on the exact same moment in the car: we had to drive to Niagara Falls. 

Long story short....actually long story long, I've been typing this out for a little bit, it actually looks like a long story now....

We drove to Niagara Falls and then dropped off the baby at Grandma's and then went to work - and we somehow made it only being 1/2 hour late! 

So I guess the moral of my story is - 

Breakfast Pizza is more than just delicious. It is also a passport to one of the wonders of the world.


  1. Imagine. A seasoned Wegmans' employee shopping at Tops. And didn't you have a Wegmans' scholarship? Shhh. I won't tell.

  2. Haha! I did have a scholarship!