Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 71

Below is a list of 5 baby items I would like to be full-sized so I could use for myself also.

1. Swings that exist inside of your house, complete with i-pod dock, soothing rainforest sounds, and cushy - soft padding. Yes, yes, yes.

2. 1-piece Jammies with footies. Yes, yes, yes, yes. I would never want to get out. Oh, wait, they do exist. Someone out there gets it. Amen!

3. Those light up plastic aquariums that play classical music that you put inside of a crib. I would not object to having one of those things as a part of my bedtime routine. Seems soothing.

4. Bibs. I should have never stopped wearing them. My goodness.

5. Pop-up books. I would enjoy reading books off the bestseller list which are also pop-up. Pop-up biographies on Albert Einstein? Okay. Pop-up encyclopaedia? I would choose this over an Encyclopedia Britannica any day. Pop-up Hunger Games? If you get me a helmet, I will do it. 

That's my list. Just my opinion. Yes.

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