Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 59

Steve stayed home sick today.

I mean - he is down for the count.

I feel really badly for him. I bought him some B.R.A.T. foods - you know, the 

Applesauce and

(Someone at work told me about it, so I made it happen)

I also got him some chicken noodle soup, and saltines just in case he wanted to be adventurous. 

And Italian Ice. 

Oh yes, and water with electrolytes. 

I am not sure what electrolytes are....but I think he needs them.

I really still do not know what they are, even with that picture right there. 

I do, however, have a feeling electrolytes will help.

I am...hooked on that feeling.

Anyway - 
Corinne and I went shopping for this BRAT food when I got out of work tonight. 

She's sleeping right now - I think we'll sleep downstairs tonight, while he occupies the 

 Right now I have chills and feel a little nauseous myself. I feel like I've been aboard a sea shanty for a little too long.

That cannot be good.

I mean, it was good for Gilligan, he made lots of friends when his three hour tour lasted a little long...but I do not think this sea sick feeling is boding well for me.

If only I were like Samantha from Bewitched. I would twitch my nose bam! The house would be clean, and I would not have chills, and Stevie would feel better, and we'd have a neighbor like Gladys Kravitz, as seen below:

At least the baby girl seems to be okay. I would be sick for a million years if it means she never has to be. She is cooing in her sleep right now. She's a very noisy sleeper.

Actually, Steve says both Corinne and I are noisy sleepers.

I guess we're going to noise it up down here tonight. She's in the pack 'n play bed and I am on the couch.

It is quite an exciting Monday night.

Anyway - I did have some other stuff I wanted to share tonight, but, I don't think I have the energy to type for much longer tonight. SO, I'll just shorten it up with 1 thing I wanted to tell you all....

1. I think Steve, Corinne and I are each going to get a pair of Tom's shoes. If you buy one, then a pair of new shoes go to a kid in need of them.

Maybe we'll save up and get some sunglasses each, too....each purchase gives sight to a child in need.

You guys probably already know about Toms. I just found out recently. And I love it.

Anyway. Corinne is snuggled in the pack 'n play. I am snuggled on the couch, ready for action at any point in time, if I am needed. 

In the meantime I will be dreaming of David Hasselhoff. Or Tom's shoes. Or electrolytes.

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